About The Owner:

My name is Jamal. I started my career as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. I won international awards for my documentary films and photos. I have been doing wedding photography for 30 years. I enjoy taking photos that capture the right moment for a lifetime of shared memories.

I am blessed to have photography as a career. Taking photographs through my artistic eye gives me satisfaction. I really enjoy being appreciated by my clients and the most common compliment I get is that I am patient and professional.

I enjoy gardening, fishing, watching international movies, going to the beach, and cooking in my free time.

With over 2,000 weddings done, we, as professionals, will bring to your day a promise to you that your wedding story will be documented with timeless photos, shot in an unobtrusive manner, looking for the unplanned moments that reflect the joy and love of the day.

About our Photographers and Cinematographers:

We have a great team of photographers and cinematographers who work together and are very passionate about their professions.  We work with many venues and their staff and we know all of the best locations to take photographs there.  It makes our job easier and helps the couple get the photos they want on their wedding day.  In order to stay up to date, our team regularly meets and shares ideas.  We have covered all different types of weddings.  We always find something new.