How much do your services typically cost?

We customize our photography and cinematography services to suit your needs.  We offer a variety of wedding packages that start from $1,795, we also offer specials throughout the year. You can make an appointment with us so that we can go over the details of your wedding day and give you a quote based on what you are looking for.  Let us know whether you want an album, one or two photographers, etc.  

For Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, or corporate events, please email or call for info.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, checks, and cash. You can also pay by using PayPal on our website under the “Clients” Tab.

What are your studio hours?

We are available by appointment only.  However, we are typically in the studio Monday through Friday from noon until 8 PM and on Saturday from 11 AM until 2:30 PM.

How do we make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by filling out the online form on our website under “contact”.  Ask to schedule an appointment in the message box.  Someone from our studio will contact you and we will take it from there.

Can we bring our parents with us to the appointment?


Have you ever shot at our venue before?

We have shot at most of the venues in NJ.  We are the preferred vendors for multiple caterers all across the state and we have shot at many other venues as well.  We have worked with several of the venues for over 30 years.  

How do your engagement sessions work?

We usually do engagement sessions during the week.  Some couples take a half day off of work or sometimes they do it after work.  It usually will take about 45 minutes.  

What is the payment schedule?

We break the payment into thirds.  The first third is due when the contract is signed, the second payment is due 30 days before the wedding along with the updated info for your wedding day, and the final payment is due upon receipt of the USB.

When do I get my wedding photos?

You will get the USB with your wedding photos 3-4 weeks after the wedding date.

Do you have back up equipment and photographers?  Do you back up our wedding photos?  Are you insured?

Yes, yes and yes.  All of our photographers and cinematographers have multiple cameras, lenses, and batteries.  We always keep a couple photographers and cinematographers available in case anything happens.  We keep your wedding photos backed up in an external hard drive and we burn a hard copy as well.  We are fully insured and we send our insurance forms to the caterers.  

What is it like having a professional photographer take your picture?  We have never posed before and are a little nervous.  

We have received this question from time to time.  Our photographers take your photos in a very unobtrusive way.  If they need to, our photographers guide you and show you how to stand and hold each other.

How do I select my Album Images and enlargements?  How long does it take?

We give you the necessary order forms when you pick up your USB.  However, you can just email us the order if you want.  List the images you want for your album along with the images you want for the enlargements with the sizes next to them.  You will receive an album design within 6-8 weeks for your approval.