About The Owner:

My name is Jamal. I started my career as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. I won international awards for my documentary films and photos. I have been doing wedding photography for 30 years. I enjoy taking photos that capture the right moment for a lifetime of shared memories.

I am blessed to have photography as a career. Taking photographs through my artistic eye gives me satisfaction. I really enjoy being appreciated by my clients and the most common compliment I get is that I am patient and professional.

I enjoy gardening, fishing, watching international movies, going to the beach, and cooking in my free time.

With over 30 years of experience, we, as professionals, will bring to your day a promise to you that your wedding story will be documented with timeless photos, shot in an unobtrusive manner, looking for the unplanned moments that reflect the joy and love of the day.

About our Photographers and Cinematographers:

We have a great team of photographers and cinematographers who work together and are very passionate about their professions.  We work with many venues and their staff and we know all of the best locations to take photographs there.  It makes our job easier and helps the couple get the photos they want on their wedding day.  In order to stay up to date, our team regularly meets and shares ideas.  We have covered all different types of weddings.  We always find something new. 

Our Photographers:



Twenty Years’ experience in Formal, Candid, Photojournalistic Wedding Photography/Videography, and special occasions. My style is very much relaxed and natural, I don’t tell couples what to do or boss them about its just not who I am. I give advice or gentle suggestions, not orders. I like things to be as relaxed as possible and I blend into the background that way I can capture real natural moments as they happen and ensure you have photographs you will cherish forever. I happen to think that photography is one of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding. I feel that there is a story in every wedding and that is my passion – I love to tell your story.

Hobbies- Cycling



With a love for images, both moving and still, my career began in film production after I graduated college in 2009. I actually met my fiancé on a shoot, and he was the one who really inspired and pushed me to pursue photography. Since then, I’ve been shooting weddings, portraits, and events professionally for over five years.

My personality is very observational, but I love to joke to help people relax and capture their authentic self. I love seeing what others don’t see, and anticipating that perfect reaction! There’s so many beautiful moments in a wedding, and I love capturing them in a candid, photojournalistic style.



My goal is to make each of my photographs relate the story of love between two people and their families.I want to preserve those beautiful moments for the generations to follow and to express the happiness and joy experienced that day.

I enjoy Auto racing, going to car shows, and photographing sporting events.


I started my photography career in high school. I then began working in a photography studio with it's own lab. Photography means everything to me. I enjoy taking landscape and portrait photos. Now, I specialize in wedding photography and have been in this business for over 30 years.

My hobbies include cooking and watching classic movies.



Photography is the way that I perceive the world through the lens of a camera. It allows me to see the people, their culture and their emotions. My favorite type of photography are portraits. Although weddings allow me to capture a special moment in people's life such as their tears of joy, smiles and laughs of the couple, and the people who they are sharing their day with.

When I'm not busy in the world of photography and weddings, I like to spend time traveling with friends and family between the tri-states and taking advantage of the diversity as I try different type of foods from different countries.

Our Cinematographers:



What I love about cinematography is spending the day with my clients on one of the happiest days of their life and to be able to tell their unique story that they can treasure for ages.

My hobbies are fishing, cameras, and computers.



I love cinematography simply because I can make people smile, whether it is bringing a vision of mine to life or helping bring others' ideas into a motion picture better than they could have imagined.

When I am not shooting, I enjoy listening to music and anything to do with cars!

Ron w cam b&w.jpeg


1) Cinematography - I value family, traditions, people, celebrations. Creating a film for today's remembrance and tomorrow's history of who these amazing people were on their wedding day is why I do what I do.

2) Hobbies - Same as work! Video and audio production as well as student of all types of music pertaining to the guitar.



1. What do you like about Cinematography?

Because it is an artform all its own. You have no idea the kick you can get watching something shot beautifully on the big screen.

2. What are your hobbies?




I provide a special approach that presents you with a very unique and creative wedding film that's elegant, classic and timeless. I focus on a very candid and unobtrusive shooting style, and it is my job as a film artist to show emotion, excitement, and joy. I have specialized in Weddings for over 25 years and have grown to become one of the highest respected Wedding Filmmakers in the industry. I have also directed my first feature independent film "Diamonds to Dust" in 2014. I have also worked as Director of Photography, Film Editor, Sound, Executive Producer, and Producer for "Trakked" and "Fake News".